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Stop following them.



Stop following them …

sounds familiar, right?

but still sounds impossible

let’s see how the thing goes.

Your lifestyle has been transformed, but the way you analyze things are still somewhere wrapped around the deep-rooted customs.

You assist yourself with garrulousness in order to cover-up your insecurities and left your quality-version somewhere behind.

You dress up by following them in order to enhance your aesthetic values and engraved yourself somewhere else.
You are getting socialized in order to excel, You follow them in order to shine who actually need to free from rust.

And again

You ask them to guide you who can’t even able to guide themselves.

This is because you think you depend upon them but in actual they are depending on you.

You follow them in order to be accepted and they are using you to be accepted.

Make this legacy system outdated and outdo yourself.

Free from this chain of copy and paste!

If you can’t accept yourself, you can’t excel

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