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They don’t deserve to learn about you. Trust me.

On my blog you will see how people belong to different mindsets can be a disaster for you.

Okay, let’s get ready because I’m gonna involve you with me.

First of all, I have some questions for you and you have to answer me

Is it necessary to define yourself?

I’m literally questioning you, Is it necessary to define yourself to the whole faking world?

To gain emphasis on my question I provided you with the information based on the individual’s personal experiences and at the end of reading this, you will realize that the questions embedded in my blog aren’t actually the source of padding it.

Most of the time the situations and the overall consequences force you to think that you need to edit your story; a series of events that happened, not to make it interesting and entertaining but to make it more clear and loud for “them”…

“Them” refers to what?

Who are they?


Where they came from?

Maybe Your friends & family?


What are they doing around your boundaries?

Even some of them are trying to stepping in, While others are already in…

Loved ones? Right?

But why?

Didn’t they know you?

Didn’t they know you before staring you with their eagle eyes, and minds ready for judgments.

Didn’t they think before throwing the piles of judgments over you?

I think they don’t know you, and your intentions of a particular action.

And again, there is the question is; if they don’t know you, so what are they doing around your boundaries and for them who are already in, so what the hell are they doing inside your boundaries and how they are named by these so-called titles.

The simple need of modifying the complicated story isn’t actually the need of you, but the need of them to think differently which they will never be able to do and unfortunately, you are taking it as your job.

They will never understand how harder time you’re having to survive here with the series of events along with the judgments of them.

But you are struggling to explain them some unexplainable things.

Now here I’m entrapping you in a downward spiral of W-H questions.

Why do you want to explain them?

Why do you wanna modify it?

Why do you want to write it with the additional information;

Why do you want them to know that:

Why did you do this?

What were the causes?

What made you think like that?

And what were you expecting from them to do?

This expectation is the main cause of where the problems begin.

You actually want them to see the scenario with your eyes.

You want them to think like you, act like you and react like you.


You actually failed to synchronize you pace with them,

You failed to behave like them,

Your dirty mind is always sleeping somewhere.

Similarly, you didn’t aware of them.

You want to make them aware of a single action that you perform in your life.

You have to re-think is it necessary to give a lengthy report of explanation to them?


Exactly, it is.

They just need to synchronize their pace with you, in order to think like you, react like you, most importantly respond you, in a way, you want to get.

But the harsh fact; You interpret it according to your perception similarly they interpret it according to theirs.

You have to understand that the capacity of handling the information, and the phenomenon of decoding it, absolutely varies from one to another.

Baby, you literally don’t need to simplify the CASE for them because they don’t deserve to learn about you.

All you did was absolutely correct and you have dibs on your life, no one can make it more interesting and entertaining.

You just don’t and literally don’t need to waste your potential and time in defining and explaining them.

Let them think what they want to think!

Let them keep the legacy of making it a disaster for themselves by their thinking process because they have no interest in understanding you.

All you need to do is just to kick them out of your boundaries.

Sin for the one while mistake for the other, it’s just the perception of how people think differently according to their thoughts.

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