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She fell in love with her dreams again and again as it gets darker and darker.


She is Stained by hues of his pitch-dark infected soul which is indelible.

You know what?

She never struggled to drag herself out of her nightmares.

She gradually fell in love with all of them.

What did she actually see in those?

Fairies and the dragons?

Kisses and the hugs?

Strength and the succession?

Love and the strange adventures?


She actually loves to see herself,

Wrapping her hands around his pitch-dark soul,

Taking him on the verge of death and leaving him breathless.

She loves to see him in the dark forest laying under the haunted shallow grave infested with snakes; and his body painted with bruises and scars.

She loves to see him drowning deep down into an ocean where no one can rescue him.

She loves to see him surrounded by the bloodthirsty monsters pretending to be people.

All in all,  he made her an entirely different creature; one who loves to sleep every night along with her nightmares in order to survive.

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  • Joseph Stalin

    Woah! Hot stuff (Y)
    Strong selection of words with good flow of the context.
    A little drag mentioning synonyms and linked repartee, fairies and Dragons? A bit too much.
    But overall, strong stuff.

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