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Your YES must not contain mist of NO

Greetings readers

Hope Y’all are excellently pretending, that you’re perfectly fine…

Trust me I know how it feels like.

Well, for those, who literally don’t need to pretend anything.

cheers for you folks.

Wait wait, let me hear what my inner me telling me.

“She is still helpless, surviving a hard time in search of the answers to those deep questions.

She can still feel this void inside her, which grins every night with big white teeth.”



I’m back and I’m pretty sure that you guys didn’t get what I was hearing.

Okay forget it, because this isn’t for you, at this time

Here is some good stuff for you.

Your YES must not contain mist of NO

Mist, which, when covered the mirror, then you couldn’t clearly see the reflection of you, similarly

You could barely see the shore through mist.

I’m talking ‘bout YOU and your YES and the mist which you include in your answer to make it unclearer to you.
Similarly, when your YES contain the mist of NO which actually reflects you, then you will fail to dope out, it will be hard for you to understand the things clearly and you will be drowning in the Sea of bamboozlement for the rest of your life.
The YES of a compelled father.
The YES of a child under the overly-controlling parents.
The YES of a pressurized student.
The YES of a victim who is subjected to abuse.
The YES that stops you to fulminate.
The YES of a virgin for being married.

These are few of the YESes which contain mist of NOs
The things will not under the control of you if you go against your will.

Well, It’s widely known that “your one decision can either make you or break you”, right?
But your  YES with the mist of NO first breaks you, then burn you and left you helpless.
You will be psychologically insecure throughout, and this insecurity vanquishes you in the war that you are fighting with you inside.

Let’s consider this worst case scenario, what If you will go beyond these words, then you will enter in a puddle of massive trouble.
In the next step you will plant the seed of resentment inside you, which will be growing deeper and deeper with the strong roots that resist all the incoming contentment, well you will not aware of it during the initial stage, but after going through the different stages, it will ready to kill you.
Do you hear, what I said?


It will kill you, and it will kill your ideas. It will demolish your thinking process and you will be no more around the pool your ideas, you will be no more tie with the knot that is further connected to step of your satisfaction, in result you will not be satisfied with your YES for long, on the other side, the seed of resentment waiting to assist you in killing yourself. It might be psychologically, mentally or physically.
This is Because nothing will go as per your requirement which gives you greatest amount satisfaction.
This Constant dissatisfaction will knock you with the constant rate, and this will be an integral part of you, and you will be holding million tons weight within you.
It’ll be hard to restore back to you into the original you
Because you are now in the most stable condition of the deformed version of you, sufficiently covered with the resentment of YES.



Take your time and negotiate with yourself, go deep inside you and convince your inner you to talk to you, full fill the requirements of the one who is in your subconscious, don’t let others take your time, don’t let others to rule on you because you are the motorist of your own life so don’t let others steer your life.

Make sure your YES must not contain mist of NO, it’s the Matter of life and death.

Help yourself to explore you.

Find out the original version of you.

Whatever the circumstances will be, keep in mind, that the ball is in your court.

So make sure that your YES must not contain mist of NO.


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